There’s a dream that flits about my subconscious and occasionally, during moments of daytime hallucination, it rises to the surface with warm, pleasant feelings. It’s that one of waking up in the morning, penning some words, taking a moment to smell some fresh coffee before plowing through another project.

Maybe a stop around the lunch hour for a workout, some house stuff, a sandwich and such. Then back to some social media, the ol’ blog, a run-through of the literary properties to see what needs some sprucing up or which ones are ripe for a sale.

Sounds pretty fantastic. And also, from where I am now, fantastical. There’s a danger that I’ve found in getting too caught up in the imagined. It plays a trick on your brain to spend too much time in a future you haven’t earned yet. Makes it feel like you’ve already done the work, already made it there. Makes you feel happy. For a moment, anyway, until reality reasserts itself with an email ping or a phone call wondering why you aren’t at a meeting.

I’m trying to daydream less now. It requires active effort, to force those lovely visions to get down and dirty with the actual struggles I’m facing today. To put in hard form a list of what has to be done now, in the next 24 hours, to move my career forward.

Right now, that list is as so:

  1. Complete this list.
  2. Hit my word count – depending on the day’s required activities, that’s somewhere between 2,000-5,000.
  3. Contact an editor about my novel/novella that I have done so far.
  4. Do some web designing for this blog to suit a ‘prettier’ format.

We’ll see tomorrow whether I’m able to hit those deadlines. I’ll put the odds at 50/50.

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