Can I have a minute?

One of the things about working with novels is that they are, in fact, novels. Not quick little blurbs – like this blog post – but big, smashing things that demand time and attention for weeks and weeks. Each one is a relationship – ups and downs, needy attachments and frustrated procrastination from doing what’s necessary.

Which is why I’ve enjoyed sprinkling in the smaller pieces. Again, like this blog post. But also short stories, even light journalism pieces here and there. It doesn’t even matter if they gain any traction (though that wouldn’t hurt). The main value is that I’m writing, and exploring different ways to structure sentences, paragraphs, and narratives outside of the stately confines of the full-length novel.

I try to do these little bursts between meetings or in the dead spaces of the work day, time I would otherwise use to browse news sites or read up on pointless filler. At first I thought I’d miss the constant rush of information, but turns out that it’s more fun sometimes putting together a paragraph than reading one.

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