Riding the lightning

Much as it sounds vulgar to those aspiring to true artistry where miracles drip from the pen without the slightest prodding or anything that could be so low as ‘work’, the word count is the guiding light keeping me moving forward.

By which I mean that having a target to aim for helps keep me productive, on track, aiming towards something. It helps push me through those days where the words don’t come as easily, when I’d rather do anything that isĀ easier.

Watching TV, reading a book, even writing posts on this blog are all easier than doing the writing for a novel or a story. The plotting here isn’t as complex, the dialogue is, well, mostly non-existent.

And when you’re not writing the story, you’re not facing the imperfections of your talents.

But there is that word count, staring me in the face, telling me that if I don’t get those few thousand words down, then I’ll never get any better, never move towards what I really want, and I’ll still be here in fifty years typing words onto this blog about how I’m trying to get started.

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