Occasionally a series of events happens at the day job that gets me riled up, incensed to a degree where I’ll run through tasks and phone calls with a vigor not always present on other days. Today, as you might gather, that happened. I made it home a little after six, after burning through emails […]

Too Sleepy

I’m not a particularly effective sleeper. That’s not to say that I have bad dreams, or even that, once I’ve snoozed off, that I can’t reap the benefits. It’s more to say that I don’t do a good job at getting the amount of sleep I like. Or a consistent amount at all. While this […]

Help Me Follow My Sister into the Land of the Dead

Ursula Ruiz does something clever with her short story – it’s arranged like a Kickstarter with all the usual elements, cleverly structured to provide the exposition, conflict, and growing horror that something terrible is going to happen. There’s a risk with inventive formatting of fiction that Ruiz is taking here. For one, there’s a lot […]