The Career Connection

So if you do a bit of Google sleuthing, you’ll come across some alarming statistics that claim most authors don’t make a living on their books. The vast majority, in fact, make so little money in sales that it amounts to less than a latte.

I don’t give a crap about that, and neither should you. Because this isn’t about the unknowable masses, it’s about you and me. The effort that you put into your work, and how much you want to do to make it succeed.

There are all kinds of ways to do the latter. I’m too early in my experimenting to have too many ideas, but at least part of what I’m trying to do is to expand the oeuvre. By that I mean write different things, get the ol’ byline back out there. Scribble out some articles for this, that, or the other thing. Even doing some things anonymously to start, just because it’s easier.

If the goal is to become a writer, that doesn’t mean a novelist to the exclusion of all other forms. Short stories, articles, other media are all opportunities to get creative and neglecting them in the favor of only one option means you’re going to miss potential audiences and, I think more importantly, the chance to play with other forms of wordplay.

I know I didn’t start out writing a novel with the first words I put down on paper. Most of the things I’ve written have been short stories or screenplays, but the process of putting those together has helped immeasurably with the novels. Now that I’m looking at it from a more professional standpoint, the variety of mediums help to bridge gaps between novel releases.

Heck, that’s all this blog is. A way to communicate, a way to express, and a way to learn. It just might be a little fun too.

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