The Experiment Continues

Editing a piece of work on paper is entertaining. It’s a quest to fill the page with red ink. It’s a lot less fun to re-incorporate all of that ink into your digital document during the editing process. That’s why I’m going to try giving the Surface Book a try, what with its pen option and ability to leverage a tablet form-factor when needed. It’s exactly the kind of selling point that you read and wince, sure that the end result is going to suck it up in some way.

And, reading the plethora of reviews, that’s kind of what happened. There’s been a continuing mess of errors with the product. Blue screens. Lock-ups. Failures to sleep effectively. But the product still averages four out of five stars, and the prospect of using the tablet mode and pen to scribble edits directly onto the digital documents, then pull up those edits alongside Scrivener to type up changes without lugging reams of print copy around?

It’s worth taking a chance on.

Beyond the hardware foibles, the lady and I returned from a week gallivanting around the Big Island of Hawaii. That’s the less flashy one, the spot with the big volcano and the giant telescopes. The 11 of 13 possible climate zones (arctic and sahara were no-shows, unfortunately) and scattering of hip little towns with coffee obsessions made it the chill brother to Oahu and Honolulu. Snorkeling, hiking and driving through rolling hills, and watching the surreal glow of a lava lake and thinking all that burning awesome is literally beneath your feet and you have a solid recipe a vacation.

That’s not to say that Hawaii is for everyone. The sun averse, namely, need not apply. Those in search of reasonable prices, well, you’ll have to dig. If you treat water as something to be suffered for survival, then perhaps its not the place for you. But if you’ve never been, I’ll say that Kona is much more unique than Honolulu, and the sight of those telescopes on top of the world opening at sunset brings miracles of science closer than I’d have thought possible.

Inspiring? Definitely.

Lastly, coconut syrup is the best. That is all.

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