Facebook Author Page – A Work in Progress

You gotta hand Facebook this one – the amount of effort to create a business or author page is ridiculously simple. They even guide you, as you can see in the image on this post, on all the various things you can do to get it going. Boosting posts, adding a cover photo, typing a […]

Facebook Business

So I created the Black Key Books business page on Facebook a few months ago and did precisely nothing with it. Turns out, until you actually have a product, doing much of anything with a Facebook business page feels a little weird. Like handing out coupons for free subs on the corner to a store […]

Big Bang

You’d think making a product post on Facebook is easy – upload a picture, click “post”, and you’re done, right? Since I’m writing this, you’d be, uh, wrong if that’s what you thought. So, ahead of the post yesterday, which was just on my personal page to various friends and whatnot, here’s what I did: […]

On Constant Imperfections

I uploaded, fixed, and re-uploaded the cover for Wild Nines probably at least a dozen times. I adjusted sizes, coloration, font styles, placement, and more. Amazon lets you see how your thumbnail appears online, lets you preview your ebook and your print book, and in that process see all the little things that you might have missed. […]

Going Live

In six hours, as I write this, the first book I’ve ever published will go live. People who’ve pre-ordered will have it downloaded to their devices, curious wanderers through the giant forest of Amazon products will stumble upon Wild Nines, perhaps purchase it, and find themselves blitzing through words I’ve written. It’s a hard line […]

The Also-By Page on a First Print Novel

So I thought that one post would be enough to more or less cover things, but no. No it was not. As I trampled over the sacred challenges of getting a paperback novel together, I ran into some elements interesting enough to merit mention here, starting with one a day until I work through them […]

Paperback formatting is hideous and wonderful

Formatting a paperback has given me all kinds of new respect for Gutenberg and his printing press. For anyone that regularly has to massage text into a shape that fits a page. Digital formatting, in comparison, is like making chips and salsa while print is, well, like a four-course meal. Now, I use InDesign, which, […]