Big Bang

You’d think making a product post on Facebook is easy – upload a picture, click “post”, and you’re done, right?

Since I’m writing this, you’d be, uh, wrong if that’s what you thought. So, ahead of the post yesterday, which was just on my personal page to various friends and whatnot, here’s what I did:


  1. Update my cover photo to reflect the cover of Wild Nines
    1. This actually required cropping and trimming from the cover photo to get an image with the right dimensions to fit within Facebook’s window. Their little editor really doesn’t give you much room for tweaking photos after they’re uploaded.
  2. Create a tracking link to get an idea of how many people actually clicked through
    1. I use Bitly, which is quite awesome and free (for smaller things) to create and track links. This way, I can tell that of the 51 people that liked the post, 35 clicked the link through to the Amazon page.
    2. Note, that’s not an indictment of those 16 people, but it’s neat data to have nonetheless. In the future, using links like this can help determine what marketing strategies get better engagement.
    3. One other thing – creating a bitly or other shortened URL is nice because it’s¬†short¬†– my link takes up fewer characters on Twitter, is easier to copy/paste on a phone and so on. Do what you can to make it easier for your readers to share your stuff!
  3. Actually plug in the photo of the book to the post.
    1. As noted above, I had to tweak the image to make sure it uploaded and fit reasonably well – this required much less finagling than the cover page, however.


And that’s about it!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about creating a Facebook business page and author page, so I can deluge everyone in my network with info about my books. Because that’s what the people want. Obviously.