Facebook Author Page – A Work in Progress

Facebook Author Page – A Work in Progress

You gotta hand Facebook this one – the amount of effort to create a business or author page is ridiculously simple. They even guide you, as you can see in the image on this post, on all the various things you can do to get it going. Boosting posts, adding a cover photo, typing a long series of haikus covering the impact of the War of 1812 on the price of sugarcane, etc.

And I’m not doing much with it yet. For two reasons:

  1. Time
  2. Time

It might strike you as cheating to list time twice, but, to be more specific, the first is available time and the second is productive time. It’s a concept that most people are innately aware of – namely that spending time on some activities is better than others. For me, because I still work a full-time (50+) hours per week job, often with travel dragging me across the country in the evenings, there’s a limit to the available time that I have on a given day to spend on writing/publishing related tasks and other non-job activities. Not that writing/publishing isn’t a job, but it’s not my core occupation at the moment.

Within that available time, there’s the productive time that I’m able to spend on writing/publishing. That time can be used for a host of purposes, like writing a new book, creating covers, practicing blurbs, etc. Of that host of options, I have to evaluate which ones are most likely to generate the best ROI, or return on investment. What’s going to get more readers, sell more books, get more laughs, you get the idea.

Ultimately, right now, social media falls towards the bottom of that list. There’s not much point in engaging people if I don’t have much to drive them towards. So I spend most of the energy producing content, with the hopes that my productive and available time will rise in the future.

Facebook’s author page, while nifty, doesn’t make the cut right now. I’m looking forward to playing with it more when it does.