Facebook Business

Facebook Business

So I created the Black Key Books business page on Facebook a few months ago and did precisely nothing with it. Turns out, until you actually have a product, doing much of anything with a Facebook business page feels a little weird. Like handing out coupons for free subs on the corner to a store that doesn’t exist.

Now, savvier authors/publishing companies/people in general could still get benefit from a page advertising coming attractions. Build up a mailing list and get pre-orders, build buzz on things coming out. Those are all possible from Facebook’s business page setup. I can’t speak to the efficiency of actually boosting a page or whether it’s worth the price, though I’ve heard middling opinions on it.

What you can get, and what I’m doing now, is a place to put details about your website, your logo, your calls to action. It’s a legitimate way to communicate with the Facebook community at large, rather than just your circle of friends and their oddball relatives. Perhaps more importantly, creating a page like this creates legitimacy on the world’s most popular social network. People hunting for your brand on Facebook will be able to find it. You’ll be professional.

Hard truth: Is it worth it? How many people buying books are going to search the publisher on Facebook?

Not many would be my guess. But if having a Facebook presence converts a few skeptical readers into a sale, or convinces that producer that your company is worth contacting to license some rights?

If the cost of creating the page is essentially free (minus, you know, the time, which is an hour or less to get this up and running), and the potential rewards are excellent, then I don’t see a reason why not.

Now, time to add this one to the list of things I need to update regularly…

The Page, for those curious souls