It’s Easy to be Bored

You might think, from the title, that this topic is going to be a screed against boredom. Not really. More, it’s a musing on how being bored, or, really, unproductive is the easiest choice. I struggle with it every day. Every minute, even. Especially with the plethora of devices, of constantly breaking news and demands to share and see what’s shared by our friends and family.

But I’m going to group all of those many things under a larger umbrella of ‘bored’, because, most of the time, those activities aren’t the things that you would say, if asked by a Bond villain holding a laser to your head, what you really wanted to do.

The truly nefarious part about all of these things, though, is that they’re just tantalizing enough. Just interesting or valuable enough to convince me that it’s worth popping open a new tab and running through the sites. Worth checking in to see what someone’s posted.

Maybe it’ll be something really good!

Still, I’d rather do other things. Even if the effort to do those things is a lot higher than simply browsing the internet.

My steadfast weapon against the limitless forces of distraction is, more often than not, a notepad and a pen. I draw little boxes, write simple tasks next to them.

Edit six chapters

Write a blog post

Pay the water bill.

Each one of those swings strikes a blow against the onslaught. And when all the swings are done?

Then I embrace the distractions, and love every minute of it.

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