The Also-By Page on a First Print Novel

So I thought that one post would be enough to more or less cover things, but no. No it was not. As I trampled over the sacred challenges of getting a paperback novel together, I ran into some elements interesting enough to merit mention here, starting with one a day until I work through them all:

The Also-By Page

You might not thing that this is inherently difficult – it’s a list of other books that you’ve written. How hard can that be?

If this is your initial novel, it might be sad putting in an also by page and leaving it blank. In an ebook, of course, you can easily update that as your library improves. In a paperback? That screaming nothing of cream-colored paper is there forever.

What to do about it?

Take a look at your publishing calendar (I’ll talk about mine soon) and see what you have coming up. Novels, non-fiction, what-have-you, and put it there. Potentially with the month that you plan on bringing it out. For example, my first one has ‘Wild Nines’, the actual book in it, then both sequels with the month and year in the also-by page.

This way, you can at least establish some confidence with your readers that future works are coming. And when one of them checks that grease-stained paperback in a few months, they’ll be reminded to take a look for your new works. Better than nothing.

Plus, any reinforcement on getting those books done on time is good. You wouldn’t lie in print, would you?