The Post-it Note Plan

If there’s one thing you’ll encounter in a perusal of internet message boards, blogs, and the Business shelves of your local bookstores, it’s methods for planning your day. They’ve got all kinds of snazzy names, like Inbox Zero, the Pomodoro method, Getting Things Done, Blast Jumping, etc. All of them are equally valid and worthless, […]

The Jump

Taking the first step on any path, I feel, is the hardest. There’s that inertia, the desire to stick to what you know. Walk for a while in the unknown and there might be monsters. You might get lost. You might lose. Or get eaten. That last isn’t too likely, unless your path takes you […]

That Fresh Breath of Freedom – The Middle Novel, Part Two

Most trilogies have what’s called “an arc” – that sweep from beginning to end in which the hero ventures forth, learns not to stab himself in the eye with a sword, meets the wizened sorceress and together they go and dunk the big bad in a vat of lava. In that scenario, book one has […]

Post-Launch: Promoting (Or Failing to) a First Novel

As you might have gathered from the title, this section of the post-launch series for Wild Nines is going to take a look at what I’ve done and didn’t do for the marketing side. That’s the hidden other element to being a writer – getting people to actually read what you put down. To sum up: It’s harder than […]