Post-Launch: The Numbers

For the final post-launch analysis on Wild Nines, I wanted to share some numbers and the thoughts on those. First, a disclaimer:

I don’t have a final royalty amount because page reads, a perk of being in Kindle Unlimited (and the sole reason for exclusivity), are tabulated later in the next month. I’ll estimate what the royalties are likely around, though. Also, all of these are raw dollar amounts, as in pre-tax and without any sort of production costs or other things removed.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff:

Total Sales (January 19 – January 31): 30

Ebook ($2.99): 22

Paperback ($9.99): 8

Total Pages Read (KU):  1863

Calculated Royalties w/o page reads: $60 or thereabouts – a number of foreign currency transactions makes this something of a guess and until I actually get the deposit from Amazon, I’m not going to know the final.

Also fun – the countries in which a book was sold:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Austrailia
  • Brazil
  • UK


1. I’d argue most of the sales from this month are from friends and family – I didn’t run, as you can see in the promo post from earlier this week, a ton of ads and things. The amount of support I’ve received from that personal network is amazing, and I definitely don’t plan on hitting them up continuously for sales and such. I’ll mention new releases because they’re cool life events, alongside normal things that show on Facebook, but I don’t want to cheapen those relationships by pestering them with ‘Buy Now’ sorts of messages.

2. There’s always a hope that a new title is going to miraculously rise to the top through a groundswell of support nobody knew existed. It’s happened before, it will happen again, but it didn’t happen here. Wild Nines is the first book in a trilogy, and the next one isn’t far behind, so I’m not sweating it. The lessen, as you’ve probably seen elsewhere, is not to plan for miracles, but for the mires of reality.

3. I’ve learned a lot, and still have a lot to learn. What makes this whole process so exciting is that there’s not a skill cap you can put on writing, publishing, and releasing books. Every time you try something new, it’s an experiment. It’s a chance to learn and improve on what you did before. And because there’s never an end to this, you can just keep on getting better and better.

So overall, I’d say the launch of Wild Nines was in line with what I hoped for. Did it blow away my wildest dreams? No, but it did affirm that this is at least something I can make an honest shot at. I’m excited for the rest of the trilogy and the new stories to come after (there are some crazy ideas bouncing around my head), and so thankful for everyone that’s helped make this adventure one worth taking.

Happy Friday, folks.

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