Launching from the other side of the World

So One Shot launches today – sending the trilogy that started with Wild Nines into completion. I’m writing this from Vietnam, on the other side of the world, without a full-time ‘normal’ job at home to come back to. Without wasting words – it’s pretty amazing to look at my little author profile and see all three books there. […]

A Night at the Movies with Logan and La La Land

Holy hell, people. In case you couldn’t tell, I want to talk quickly about these two movies. There will be spoilers. I’m typing that before I write the rest of the article, so there may not actually be spoilers, but I’m gonna cover myself. Anyway, let’s hit these in the order that I saw them, cause I’m […]

Wrapping up the Trilogy

Earlier this week I wrapped the final sentence on the first draft of One Shot, the third and final novel in the Mercenaries Trilogy that started with Wild Nines. While I’ll have more to say about finally closing down a trilogy, I’m focusing today’s post on a concept that’s both understood but also applied sporadically. That […]