Look at that image. It’s what happens when Adobe Spark gives you far too much power without enough checks and balances. With Photoshop, I at least have to have some fumbling clue in order to turn out a workable image, but with Spark, I can just whack the keyboard and click the mouse like a cocaine-fueled squirrel and turn out a picture that doesn’t immediately make your eyes bleed. Do the colors match? Is teal a great counter-color for, what is that, ochre?

Who cares! It’s cool! It’s there! And it took me approximately ten minutes to put together.

In today’s current interwebz, pictures and video reign supreme. Facebook and Twitter prefer posts that have images. Words are the easiest content to produce, are the least flashiest, and therefore are relegated to the blackhole of infinite content. Images, at least, have a hot second of freedom before they too are gobbled up. If you have a need of quick-and-dirty marketing materials, you could do much worse than to give Spark a shot.

As you might have seen in the last post, One Shot is indeed coming out on March 17th. The pre-order exists. It’s more or less a miracle. What’s neat about this one is that One Shot helps validate the decision to make this a full-time pursuit. If this is going to be the job, I’ve gotta show some returns, and in the last month since I’ve been winding down at the old gig, I’ve completed and, as of next week, will have published two novels and one novella. That’s not so bad! Some of that had been written ahead of time, whiling away the hours in restaurant bars in forgotten towns across the country, but still. Now, when the bank comes around and wonders what the hell I’m doing to pay the mortgage, I can wave the paperbacks at them and, while they’re distracted, run.

One other thing today – I started the next book this week. It’s a total departure from Wild Nines. It’s not sci-fi, but steampunk. With a bit of fantasy in there because slathering a genre in crazy juice sounds like a good time. I’m even changing the POV – first person, it’s been a while, but it’s nice to see you again.

There’s a refreshing sense to starting a wholly new project after being immersed in one universe for a while. You need to build a setting to have a story that’s coherent, but every time you create a rule, you’re pinning yourself down. Getting back, however briefly, to that wide open space where things haven’t been defined and if I want to have a sentient snail god I can have a sentient snail god, well, that’s pretty damn freeing. A blank page isn’t always scary.

Durango should be ready to make its debut in April, so long as I don’t succumb to some hideous disease or cyber-assassin squad while I’m overseas for the next few weeks. You decide what’s more likely.

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