Opening Lines

Opening Lines

Look at that image up there. As ever, I made it through Adobe Spark, which is nifty (and free, if you don’t mind dealing with branding) tool to create quick text stamped on images. I thought it would be a fun way to explore the first lines of some books that I’ve read (or want to read, or pick at random, we’ll see how this goes). Part of being an author is producing content, but it doesn’t matter if that content is crap, or not entertaining in some way, shape, or form. Though I have no idea if anyone else finds this entertaining, do, and because this is my website, and my Facebook page, and my twitter account, why not?

Anyway, what I’ll try to do on the blog posts is do a bit about the book in question and drop in a link to it, just because. In today’s picture, I’m looking at Blindness by Jose Saramago. It’s shelved under literary (and it won the Nobel Prize for literature), but I’d argue that it’s more horror/dystopian sci fi. When you’ve got a society that collapses because many people go suddenly blind, well, I think that qualifies as a dystopia. Blindness doesn’t have spaceships, doesn’t have monsters or magic, and isn’t part of a series. There’s no wizards here. But there are humans doing human things, good and bad. There are flavors of older stories that come up in the chaos as people lose their sight, but I think the setting is used to free the novel creatively. You don’t wonder why the military is involved, or get surprised when gangs turn evil, but the fact that you’re seeing these tropes through the “eyes” of the blind makes it a very different tale worth exploring.

And that’s it. One paragraph. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. By which I mean wow, it’s been a full week since the month-long absence, and it’s really the start of the full-time author gig. Time management, folks. That’s the big takeaway. The risk, though, isn’t quite what I’d imagine it would be. Rather than doing “nothing” or watching endless hours of TV, the trap is that it feels like there is so much time that I can do all of these little things. Even things not associated with writing that I used to do in the evenings – clean, laundry, piano, wander the block and shout at random passersby. Instead I’ve relied on that same post-it note, that same jotting down of what’s critical every day so I don’t get lost.

Once that’s done, though, then it’s a free-for-all. Which, lets be real, mostly means playing with the cats. They are endlessly cute.

Have a happy Easter if you’re celebrating. If you’re not, enjoy your weekend.

Here’s a link to Blindness if you’re curious:


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