Nearly four weeks out of the country. Thailand, Vietnam, Japan. An incredible trip, but the thing with trips is that they end. My writing, however, can’t (at least not till I do, at which point I won’t care).

Admittedly, I sucked it up at writing while we were traveling. As you might be able to tell with the paucity of blog posts over the last month. We were adventuring, which meant a lack of quiet mornings to type away. Also, internet isn’t always available when you’re, for example, staying in the wilds of a mountain village in north Vietnam.

So I made the choice, and it wasn’t easy, to put the writing on hold during the trip. To just enjoy the experience. It was great, amazing, wonderful, and a thousand other superlatives that I’ll spare you from reading.

However, now I’m back home, looking at the publishing calendar and fighting off indigestion at the word counts I have to lay down to stay on track. To that point, and to the title image on this post, I don’t have time to let ‘rust’ make me less productive. I don’t have a grace period, I don’t have time for excuses about how I’m too jet lagged to work, or that I’m not ready yet.

The morning after we got back from an 11 hour flight from Japan, after not dictating for nearly a month, I knocked out four thousand words. It was close to the biggest writing day I’d ever had. It took hours, but it was worth it. Felt good. Like going for a run after too much time on the couch, or that first taste of a cold beer after a long, hot day outside. I knew this was what I wanted to do and here I was doing it.

Putting in the time, sitting down at the desk, these are things that we control. These are things that have to happen if we want to get to where we dream of being. Excuses are easy, work is hard.

Get to it.

Sidenote: Jet lag is more easily conquered with copious amounts of coffee and kitties in one’s lap. Just sayin’.

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