Riven launches, and building its world

Riven, a novel in which space wizards attempt to prevent the apocalypse by splitting the sun (not really. but eventually?), launches today. Like most fantasy or science fiction, it occupies a world that’s to some degree built upon reality, ideas that came before, and bunches of frenetic hallucinating that resulted in the setting for the […]

And there it is

So it’s up! Riven has its pre-order page available and you can snag it for $.99 now or when it releases on Tuesday. It’ll bump up seven days later, so if you’re curious on taking the new series starter for a spin, this is the cheap moment to do so. Books two and three are coming fast […]

Broad Horizons

This post brought to you by the demise of my favorite local (Madison, WI) theater – the Sundance 608. As you might imagine from the name, after the film festival, the theater had a focus towards “artsier” fair. Foreign films, lesser-known movies that might briefly play around Oscar time regularly showed there, nestled in with […]

Creative Variety

You’ll often hear creatives talk about a “well” that they draw their ideas from, one that occasionally needs filling. It’s a clear metaphor, especially if you only have one form of creativity going. Writing draws from the well, binging episodes of Black Mirror fills it back up (albeit with dark, grim sludge). But what happens if you […]