And there it is

So it’s up! Riven has its pre-order page available and you can snag it for $.99 now or when it releases on Tuesday. It’ll bump up seven days later, so if you’re curious on taking the new series starter for a spin, this is the cheap moment to do so.

Books two and three are coming fast on the heels of this one, as I’m trying something a little different – if all goes as planned, book two should be out by mid-June and book 3 by early July.

If readers like waiting a little longer between trilogies in order to launch the whole set in short order, that might be something I’ll look at doing more in the future.

One of the fun parts of being an author is the ability to, like a caffeine-addict slamming shots of espresso, wheel between various thoughts, strategies, and actions just to see what happens. And if a release strategy falls apart like a balsa-wood house in a tornado, well, the book’s still there. The characters still live. The story still gets told.

So why be afraid of experimenting?

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