Creative Variety

You’ll often hear creatives talk about a “well” that they draw their ideas from, one that occasionally needs filling. It’s a clear metaphor, especially if you only have one form of creativity going. Writing draws from the well, binging episodes of Black Mirror fills it back up (albeit with dark, grim sludge). But what happens if you feel the urge to do something else that’s creative?

Say, play a musical instrument? Paint a picture? Get yourself kidnapped into a Saw-like scenario where your life depends on your ability to outwit a talking puppet?

Are you doomed to a slow, agonizing demise just because you chose to jot down a few paragraphs that morning?

I, in a flagrant violation of quality statistical analysis, find the answer to be no. In fact, in my study of one, getting involved in more creative outlets actually made it easier to come up with more story ideas. Taking a break to make discordant noise on the piano every couple of chapters helps keep me refreshed. Typing these blog posts acts a release valve from more involved storytelling. Attempting to come up with ways to keep the cats from destroying furniture leads to complex acts of villainy by the antagonists.

So consider adding some more expression to your life – letting yourself loose off the page might just give you ideas to put on it.


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