Resolution (or lack thereof)

There’s a certain freedom that comes with blog posts – if you have a blog, you can put almost anything on the legal side of life on it. Your angry rant about how the grass grows too fast so you’ve gotta mow every other day? Your typo-ridden screed about Hollywood’s obsession with sequels and remakes? A twenty page essay on the injustice done to the US when General Mills discontinued Dunkaroos production in the country?

Today, I’m going to eschew all of those compelling topics for a brief statement on… never mind, I’m stuck on the Dunkaroos thing. They were amazing. I spent way too much time trying to extract every little bit of frosting from that plastic container.



Yesterday, Riven launched. It wasn’t meant to be a big fanfare extravaganza for numerous reasons, but, and this is something that could happen with or without a professional cover artist: The initial cover included some atmospheric adjustments to the image that, when viewed on my big Mac with its super-high-resolution screen, looked great. When compressed down by Amazon to display in the thumbnail views on the website and book page, however, things got blurry real fast. The lettering became indistinct. So I swapped it with an alternate version and, in a couple of hours, the switch had been made and everything was wonderful again.

This is one of those miracles of today’s environment, and one of the advantages of self-publishing. I was able to correct a mistake without going through approvals, begging a publisher, or just waiting potentially days for things to be adjusted. Of course, the caveat to that is you, the publisher, know how to make the necessary adjustments, but still. The option is there.

I doubt that’ll be the only thing I correct in Riven. Or in many, many books to come. Part of the benefit of ebooks these days is that the shelf life is infinite. Part of the cost is that these shelves need maintenance. Like trees, they need more care when they’re younger, and you occasionally have to prune them to keep them beautiful. I’m sure I could labor under this metaphor for longer, but you get the idea.

All told, I’m happy the book is out. I’m nearly done with the first draft of the sequel. And am plotting the conclusion (on the scene-by-scene level). With any luck, by July I’ll be done with the trilogy and onto the next project. Which is, right now, a coin flip between a pair of things.

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