Anthology Week: Why Writing Short Helps You Write Long

One of the most difficult concepts an artist of any kind must confront is that of completion. That the outpouring of random thoughts into story, or painting, or composition can, at some point, be done. Not perfect, mind you, because perfection is a ghoul of an idea that will haunt your steps and rob you of confidence at […]

Anthology Week: Taking a Walk in Someone Else’s World

As much as an anthology is about the story you write, it’s almost more about the editor. What the anthology’s creator is looking for. They are, after all, doing the considerable work of organizing the collection, reviewing the stories, uploading the piece onto Amazon and other retailers, and generally trying to make the most of it. Least […]

Anthology Week: Finding Opportunities

See that picture above? That cover belongs to an anthology, a nifty alternative to collection, that yours truly happens to have a story in. Unlike, say, entering a contest by texting a number, anthologies typically require a bit of effort on the part of the writer. I’d think it would be rare, even if you’re a […]

Passive Aggression

You’ve seen’em. You’ve read’em. You’ve said’em. The words that create passive voice. That sentence construction that takes away the active participant and leaves you with a wimpy little line. For example: The pineapple juice was obliterated OK. We have pineapple juice. Or perhaps, as the sentence implies, had pineapple juice. The problem with passive voice is that we […]