Choosing the Weapons – Five bits to keep in mind when deciding how your hero will vanquish their enemies

Take just about any action-based property and you’ll find, somewhere within it, an iconic weapon. A lightsaber in Star Wars. Frodo’s glowing dagger in The Lord of the Rings. Harry’s wand in Harry Potter. Ash’s ‘boomstick’ in the Evil Dead series. So on and so forth. Because of the outsized place a weapon holds as a hero’s instrument of justice […]

The Dark Knight: Why I chose to watch a movie I’d already seen with a thousand other options

The other night I noticed, when browsing one of the innumerable streaming services that hound our blank spaces of attention like rabid dogs hound juicy steaks, HBO GO had add The Dark Knight to its roster. I’d seen the flick in the theater, way back when on a hot day in Missouri, and a couple of […]

A Writer’s Medication – The Five Types of Booze that oil the ol’ creative engine

It’s a common idea that writers, much like musicians and other artists, run on a fantastical cocktail of chemicals that keeps them going day after day. The idea being that by avoiding a “normal” state of mind, they can come up with one magical stroke of genius after another. While most of my creativity comes […]

Five Fun Things About Spiderman: Homecoming Did (From a writer’s point of view)

Without belaboring the quality of the flick (it was fun! it was good! It won’t redefine how you feel about comic book movies, but you’ll smile almost the entire movie), I want to take a quick look at a few things I noticed after seeing Spiderman: Homecoming last night that stuck out as different from the usual […]

Side Projects

Wild Nines came out last January, and the trilogy wrapped up in March, so what’s it doing here topping this blog post? Because, even though I’m writing mainly on Riven now to finish out that series, I’m making time for shorter projects. That means novellas, short stories (like the one in The Officer anthology) and such. Writing in these styles, […]

Raymond Carver’s Where I’m Calling From

The past couple of posts have been about shorts, namely stories for anthologies. However much you can learn by writing them, though, it’s best to complement your own scribblings with those of a master. At least, a master of the short form. Carver might not write science fiction, might not explore the elven realms of […]