I can’t dictate while bench pressing

I learned this, in perhaps an inadvisable way, in the small gym I’ve set up over a couple of years in my own basement. The cats, my spotters, are generally useless when it comes to the actual duties of, you know, spotting, and so when I tried to go for the 8th rep while describing a stealthy break-in scene, things went less than perfect.

But I’m not dead! So there’s that.

Anyway, the point is that dictation and attempting to squeeze every last word out of every minute can go to far.

And that home gyms are amazing. They’re cheaper, over time, than paying for a gym membership. More convenient (when it’s -30 in January, I much prefer walking down the stairs to getting into the car). And you generally aren’t fighting people to use the equipment.

As I’ve been working from home, the ability to break up the day for a workout is huge. I’d think running or walking and such would do the same, but I’m weights person mainly (I’ll run for sports, not for fun). Going through one page after another in the morning is often exhausting, so 30-60 minutes doing something that isn’t all that creative makes for a rejeuvenating bit.

So if you find yourself drained during the day, try taking a walk. Shooting some hoops at the park. Getting a horde of dogs to chase after you and outrunning them in a life-or-death sprint.

You might find it makes the afternoons more productive. Just, you know, be careful with the bench press.

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