That’s One Way to Write A God – Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”

Putting a god of any kind into fiction, written or otherwise, is a difficult proposition – after all, these are supposedly beings with such incredible gifts that they are above anything humans could ever approach. Despite this, stories involving gods often write them with human concerns and motivations. As though the issues we face are the same […]

Spirit’s End is out, and the Riven Trilogy is complete

The Riven trilogy is largely about a person who realizes that the action adventure life he thought he was living is far dirtier, more dangerous, and less clear-cut than originally intended. I could say the same about myself and the writing of it. “Let’s go have fun fighting the souls of the dead!” I said to myself […]

A Definitive vs. Open Ending

Today I finished wrapping up the last book in the Riven trilogy – it’s going through the editing/formatting/cover and whatnot stuff now, but should be making it’s way out soon. Beyond pesky things like genre and setting, the differences between my first trilogy (Wild Nines) and this one are, namely, that Wild Nines ends with room for the future. […]