The Burning Bleachers: Guy goes to a Georgia Tech Game

The tentative cheer floating through the streets of downtown Atlanta on this September Saturday morning belies the sure knowledge of sun-baked hours yet to come. Downtown, which we’re walking through bearing, among other things, a cookie cake and two flasks of bourbon, has the sparking live of an urban center whose buildings are not so […]

The Book and the Miniseries – A story for multiple media

There’s news floating around that Watchmen, the graphic novel, is being developed by HBO into a TV series. Some of you might remember the earlier movie version, which did a solid job of replicating key scenes from the graphic novel without really bringing the meaning along with the conversion. It’s unclear whether a TV series, with […]

After It Happens – Returning to normal after a big event

Recently, I had a wedding. Against, perhaps, all odds, I was the groom. Dances and drinks were had. Merry times and all that. Nobody died, and I woke up the next morning with a wife. All in all, quite awesome. However, over the last two weeks, I’ve been doing the sort of thing that usually […]

What’s next: Rakers – a sci fi thriller of sorts

See that up there? Rakers? That’s a title. A title I’ve changed three times now since I started writing the book. I’ve talked before about how titles can change all the time, but man, it’s been work with this one. Mostly in response to the number of other books that shared my original titles. Think of […]

Betrayal at House on the Hill: A story every turn

The best board games tell stories. Victories and defeats occur in dramatic fashion. It wasn’t simply a roll of the dice that decided the fates of the players, it was the cunning move to trade this resource for that. To turn two other players against each other. To corner a section of the board and […]

A Monster Calls – How to have children handle adult issues without losing childhood

There’s a perception, particularly with books like Harry Potter or Pixar films, that they effectively treat their young characters the same as adults. In other words, the children aren’t shielded from complicated and difficult problems just because they’re not eighteen years or older. This, of course, is a closer mirror to reality, in which random circumstance doesn’t […]

The Sympathetic, Frustrating Character in Betty Draper

Every once in a while I’ll return, detective-like, to a TV series, movie, or book I’ve read before in hopes of gleaning a new understanding of it. Finding a new angle on a character, perhaps. Or a statement delivered that I didn’t catch the first time around. Recently, my current target is Mad Men, streamable on […]

Surburbia and Organic Storytelling in a world of tiles

Last night, as I’m wont to do, I gathered around a coffee table with an assortment of ne’er-do-wells that I call friends and engaged in what, on the face of it, should have been the epitome of dull. Suburbia is a board game about, yes, building a suburb. Generally regarded as the most boring places on […]