Yep – the title pretty much says it all on this one. Rakers, my next novel, is launching. It’ll be available in all the places in ebook and some of the places in print. I’ll have a link up for it shortly and all that jazz.

Rakers is about a pair of ex-special forces members who have turned to using their special set of skills in rough ways to make ends meet. We’re talking kidnappings, beatdowns-with-a-message, and various other illicit deeds. They command a good price.

However, Fade (that’s our hero) is interrupted during a routine kidnapping by a pair of odd-looking people who insist that he’s the biggest risk humanity’s got. As in, Fade is a direct arrow to the apocalypse, according to them. When Fade objects to this interpretation, things get messy and people get hurt.

Now Fade has to figure out how he became the target, and, more importantly, how to get these people, who have weapons and ways he’s never seen before, off his back. If he doesn’t, he won’t have long to live.

Rakers plays the action-adventure card to the fullest, while introducing a new universe and characters that will continue through more stories to come. If you’re interested in a fast-paced thrill with characters who are more than talking plot points, Rakers ought to be fun.

Plus, it contains tacos.

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