Cool facts can ruin stories

It’s the truth, darn it, and there’s no way getting around it. Readers should be treated like people without security clearance – information on a need to know basis, only. I’m working on this story that involves Aztecs and Mayans and all sorts of awesomeness about, well, Aztecs and Mayans. Unfortunately, for all the pages […]

Thor: Ragnarok and making stereotypes triumphant

An action-packed November meant, despite all the enthusiasm, a viewing of Thor: Ragnarok eluded me until this past weekend. With the ol’ MoviePass in hand, Nicole and I settled into the front row and had our faces melted by the Thunder God and his green Hulk friend. Action aplenty, of course. CGI-drenched. One liners flying hot and […]

The pros and cons of writing a novel with Scrivener

The last post in this series, and it covers the program I’ve now used for at least three years, Literature and Latte’s Scrivener. It’s anecdotally the most prevalent “creative writing” program, though it’s general enough to be used for non-fiction and I’ve also written screenplays with it. General Impressions: There’s no getting around it – […]

The pros and cons of writing a novel with StoryShop

And here we come to the first of the two fiction writing programs I’ve played with. Storyshop comes from a group of indie authors that, frustrated by a lack of programs they thought served novel writing well, hired software developers to make this. It’s early on in Storyshop’s life, and plenty of changes are expected, […]

The pros and cons of writing a novel Google Docs

The last of “non-novel” writing programs that I’ve tried. I last used Google Docs for fiction writing for a while after college, when I attempted some collaboration work with folks. It did not last after those efforts ended. General Impressions:  Take your neighborhood bar. The one that you might wander to on a random evening […]

The pros and cons of writing a novel with Evernote and OneNote

Continuing this week’s look at tools to write books, here’s what I think of trying to use Evernote and OneNote to write novels. I tried both of these a few years back, and while I don’t use either today (having substituted other things for their functions), so there’s a chance major revisions have outdated my […]