The pros and cons of writing a novel with Microsoft Word

So this week I’m going to take a look at the various programs and such that I’ve tried for writing, and explicitly from the perspective of someone looking to write a novel or longer work (not necessarily fiction) with a given tool. Each one will be organized as a general impressions paragraph followed by a […]

When Murder is the Name of the Game

Lying, trickery, murder. With up to 11 of your friends talking past each other, trying to hint and push each other to incriminate someone else. Dramatic accusations and hilarious denials. Loose logic and double-takes. All in less than 30 minutes, most of the time. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a grand way to rope in […]

The Best Part of Vegas – Red Rock Canyon

In early November, I spent a few days at a writing conference in Las Vegas (which I’ll write about at some point, probably). Because my flight home, due to prices and whatnot, didn’t depart till late Monday afternoon and the conference closed on Sunday, I had a lot of time to wander around. Casinos, even […]