Why Wind pants are Great

You might have seen the title of this post and wondered, rightly, if I’d lost my mind.

In truth, probably.

But that’s not what this is about. These words about wind pants, a glorious invention that deserves a place in your ward robe, especially if you work from home.

A disclaimer: This is not a post about wind pants fashion, if there is such a thing. I don’t know any particular wind pants brands, nor do I know about upcoming trends or features in the wind pants world. I’m simply a wind pants user, who happens to enjoy his wind pants for what they are.

So why? Why wind pants?

The answer is that they’re all things to home office fashion. Wind pants are the Swiss Army Knife of clothing. They’re warm enough to withstand jaunts to the yard in the winter for such necessary activities as taking out the trash, dumping something in the compost, or doing a quick shovel so the driveway can be useable after a snowstorm. And yet, in the summer, they’re cool enough for mowing on a chill day or for a walk to the coffee shop.

You can work out in the things, either by going for a run or lifting weights. The wind pants don’t care – they’re multipurpose.

They’re cat resistant – meaning that, unlike denim or sewn fabrics, the claws have a harder time getting hold on the wind pants. They’re like kitty armor.

Because they’re perfectly fine for lounging, a fresh pair of wind pants makes for a great transition after the morning pajama routine. Then you’re all set for your eventual workout, after which you can change into the more appropriate evening tuxedo that we all wear to our home-cooked Hamburger Helper dinners.

So yeah. Those are my arguments. Wind pants are great. They’re not expensive. Nobody cares about wind pants fashion, so you won’t have to buy new pairs until you wear out your old ones.

They’re the best.

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