A Letter to Our Cats

Dear Anna and Elsa (our cats):

You are the best winter day blankets we have ever had. Your presence on our laps makes for warmth better than the thickest blanket, and your constant, deep purring brings about some sort of contentment we didn’t know existed prior to your furry place in our lives.

Somehow, despite all of our holiday travels, you two haven’t destroyed everything in the house. We can forgive the nutcracker you massacred and whose body, separated from its head, you scattered across the floor. The ornaments you have taken off the tree and, in some ritual we don’t understand, proceeded to shatter one by one in the precise spots we’re most likely to step on them.

If, though, we could make one recommendation: when commencing your cuddles, your head-smashes and chin-nips… perhaps choose an hour later than 2 A.M.? Like Six? Seven?


Your warm, exhausted cat parents.

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