A Snowy Morning

There’s a thing with March in Wisconsin (and, I imagine, with anywhere in the chillier parts of the world) where the ground can go from muddy grass to covered with a half-foot of snow in an evening. It remains beautiful for a few days before descending back to its brown sludgy awfulness.

It’s still gorgeous now, and it’s still snowing.

My back is already dreading the shoveling to come.

Couple other things:

  1. Like that Shape of Water picked up Best Picture and Del Toro Best Director. Both are risk-takers, and both explore themes and characters too often left aside in favor of more standard, safer things. Cool.
  2. Finished N.K. Jemison’s Broken Earth trilogy. Generally enjoyed it, and the last book, and overall structure, is a great example of making the past relevant to a current story without dragging the reader through onerous flashbacks.
  3. Editing through book one in the new series, which is a return to space-action science fiction, but with an alien twist. Working on completing the first three books or so before number one comes out, which is why this is taking longer, but it’s a cool new universe to explore. Archivos has been instrumental in helping keep track of everything, so make sure to look at that if you’ve a need for a world-building toolkit.

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