The Haunting of Hill House and the Fun of a Good Scare

Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving and here I am writing about scary stuff. I’ve never been much for timing, so consider this in line with my usual habits. A couple of nights ago, the wife and I watched the first episode of Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. It’s one of a newish genre, that of a […]

The Joys of Writing In Advance

I wanted to try something different with The Skyward Saga  – a title which I’ll either italicize or capitalize depending on the amount of coffee I’ve had while writing the post, you guess which means what – namely, writing almost all of the books in advance before publishing a single one. This has a couple of […]

Castlevania, Season 2 and doing Slow Burn right

In the hyper-active modern era of entertainment, saying something is a ‘slow burn’, meaning it takes time to build to its active thrust, seems like it should be a death sentence. Why do I have to wait for the demon-slaying, the gigantic space battles, or the pivotal scene where the main character tells the love […]