Hereditary – Two Parts Drama, One Part Demons

Horror tends to be the most polarizing of genres – either you like it, even love it, or you can’t stand it. Those in the latter camp have the potential to be lulled in by Hereditary,¬†which keeps its scary cards slipped up its sleeves throughout most of the film. Like a magician’s flourish, you’ll see […]

That’s a Lot of World to Build: Lessons from Writing a Six-Book Series (Part One)

My main writing project last year become THE SKYWARD SAGA, a six novel + two short story adventure starring a young woman and a murderous alien. You know, the kind of story that comes along all the time. As we’re coming near the close of the story, I’m taking a look at what I’ve learned […]

The First Haunt in Betrayal: Legacy is a Perfect Introduction

Board games as a medium compete for our entertainment time and dollars against the whiz-bang effects of movies and video games, the melodrama and binge-worthy serials on TV, and offer up as a hazard the general adult difficulty of getting people physically together in a room to do something other than gripe about their jobs […]