It’s out there. Book six, and the last one of THE SKYWARD SAGA. Paperback, ebook, you know the drill. It’s an adventure for Kaishi and Sax, and one that sets the galaxy up for what comes next. What that’ll be, I don’t know, because I’m sure not thinking about it now.

Honestly, it’s pretty darn difficult to keep going on a series one book after another. I could have kept this one rolling, because once you have characters and a world, manufacturing plots isn’t the most difficult thing. Character development, though, is far harder. Kaishi and Sax? After six books? They still have plenty of growth to experience, but that growth may not make for compelling, galactic-stake novels.

So I’m giving them some time off. I’d say they’ve earned it.

However, to the detriment of my free time, I’m well in the throes of what’s coming next. It’s science fiction, of a sort, though less concerned with space and more concerned with, well, Earth. I’ll have more to share soon.

And, in the interest of keeping things interesting, stay tuned for some other bits and pieces. Stories, say. Ones that may appear on this very blog before too long.

If you’re lucky, they might even be good.

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