I started with the weekly Blast’em chapters as a way to keep a side story moving while devoting time to the bigger, shinier project that’s cocooned me since THE SKYWARD SAGA ended this past spring.

Blast’em, though, fell victim to that most frustrating of assaults – time and space.

Time flies is the expression, though summer and its endless demands (yards, I feel, are the true leeches of one’s freedom) make days feel more like sieves, with time bleeding through a thousand tiny holes and leaving you with nothing left for the extra bits. The extra bits in this case are not the words, really, but the pieces that go along with them – formatting, header art, putting it all into WordPress and hitting submit, that sort of thing.

If Time delivered the opening blow, Space swept in for the finisher, using the brutal realities of a screen over a smaller printed or ebook page. Blast’em, composed with generally shorter chapters, lacks presence on a bigger screen. Taking, say, five minutes or less once a week to read a piece doesn’t give the audience much time to get into the story, setting, or even the font of the thing before it’s done.

So, with that in mind, further changes are afoot. Chapter lengths for online pieces like Blast’em will be increased (or merged, such that two or three 1000 word chunks will come at once, giving folks a bit more story goodness in every bite). Additionally, I’m exploring some other ways to format the story so that you can view it in something approximating viability.

As for time, well, that’s a sticky beast. Like cleaning one’s room, every so often it pays to step back and sweep away the dusty habits whose moldering infections slow down or distract from the important tasks of the day. This takes longer, takes honest reckoning, and rarely seems pleasant in the near term, even if, from the heights of future accomplishment, the act is clearly worthwhile. Snip away at the inessentials, diagram out what really needs doing so that it gets done.

And mow the lawn, because the grass is ready. It always is.

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