Being a writer in these rapidly changing times, after literally thousands of years spent in a system built on writing the work, getting someone to publish it, then getting on with the next, requires being nimble. Trying new things, understanding what you do and don’t like about the current process and how to improve it, and so on.

It’s like a business, in other words, instead of a fanciful reflection from one’s mind.

For a while now, I’ve played (to some degree), the Amazon game. And while that’s been fun, limiting my work to Amazon alone has always kinda sat ill with me. I started ‘wide’, with my stories available all over the place, and I’d like to move back to that model. Yes, it’s far easier to only manage a single storefront, but if a little bit of upfront work means readers on all sorts of platforms get a chance to find a story they love, it’s worth it.

So, while it’s going to take another month or so to fully proliferate all my stuff across retail channels, if you’ve been waiting for STARSHOT or RIVEN to come to Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or Apple, it’ll be coming.

Along with that, I’m making some other adjustments too, mostly because… why not?

First and foremost, I’m announcing a new book and a new series today, both (conveniently) titled Paragon’s Fall. It’s a superhero sci-fi saga that explores a world in which those with superpowers decided to take the reins from those without, and the consequences and chaos of those decisions decades later. Check out more on Paragon’s Fall here.

As part of rolling out Paragon’s Fall and these series of changes, I’m also starting a Patreon page. These, as the name suggests, are ways for readers (or anyone) to support a creative or business apart from buying their products. In my case, what you get based on the level of support is, generally, access to cool new stories while I’m writing them – if you’ve been enjoying things like The Recruit and Blast’em here, they’ll be migrating to Patreon. This is still a bit in the early days, so plan on seeing all sorts of new stuff hitting there.

Lastly, for those of you who prefer reading your stories in bite-sized bits, you’ll see new links appearing on Black Key Books to sites like Royal Road and Creative Novels. These places let readers browse and read for free, with few gatekeepers. They’re neat places to go if you’re looking to explore a wide variety of genres that don’t often make it to your neighborhood Barnes and Noble. If that sounds like you, you’ll be able to find my books there (gradually) too.

I’ll go more into each of these changes in the coming days, so stay tuned. I hope you take a look at Paragon’s Fall, or even read some of its chapters on the Patreon, and keep your eyes out for more stories hitting soon!

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