2020’s First Pour

New decade, new theme. Somebody said that once, I’m sure.

Why the change?

Too many pictures, too much time. Love the art, but didn’t love squeezing in Photoshop to the end of the day, nor the uploading, formatting, and other hassles that go into making something explode with picture punches to your face. So, we’re taking this back to where I came from. Straight text, no filler.

Know where you can find pictures, if you crave colorful pixels?

Lots of places, actually, but fewer that let you get a heaping story spoonful with the bargain. My Patreon’s hanging out, dishing delectable story morsels in the form of exclusive BLAST’EM chapters every week. And if you’re of the donating kind, you’ll get STARSHOT and PARAGON’S FALL dished out too, along with other random goodies as the story chef continues to cook’em up.

Beyond that, there’s things a-happenin’. I’m knee, hip, and elbow deep into the sequel to PARAGON’S FALL, which is just a bundle of superhero-esque fun. And DRAMA, because that’s what happens when you get a bunch of villains together who all happen to hate each other. Who knows how that’ll end up, but I’m guessing NOT WELL.

WILD NINES, that first novel standby, is at that bargain price of $.99 just about everywhere, so if you’re looking for a quick little adventure, it’s out there for the taking. Get it with your latte, or your scotch and let the lasers keep you warm in the winter. Doctor’s orders.

INTERLUDE: My personal beverage of the week is a Glenfidditch 18 year that we picked up during a random run to Scotland a couple years back. Managed to sneak it into the US under the beverage limit because, well, it came in the tiniest bottle. 200 MLs will make you feel like a champ, because it vanishes so fast. As for the scotch itself, it burned enough going down, though I personally could do with a bit more moss in my drinks.

In the back half, I’d like to note that any of you visitors who happen to partake of web fiction can also snag some of my stuff, and a wide variety of other fascinating material, at such scribing hives as Royal Road, Moonquil, Scribblehub, and Webnovel. STARSHOT and PARAGON’S FALL are on a slow rollout there, so if you want to take a peek, journey over that-a-way and see what’s going on.

Lastly, wow. I don’t think I can leave this blog post behind without recommending the fluffiest dog movie I’ve seen in a long while. Hiding square on the big banner when you log into Disney+ is TOGO, and it’s like Balto but real and better. Willem Dafoe does his cranky old man thing, except here he’s cheering on sled dogs the whole time and it’s just magical. Not much CGI pupper action here, which does wonders. It’s not quite a tear-jerker, but makes for a great way to enjoy a winter evening.

That’ll do it for this week. More to come. Stay warm out there.

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