A Chill Monday

For what it’s worth, it is indeed chill in these Wisconsin environs. January decided it was time to finally do something and attacked this past weekend, spraying snow and ice across SoWis (as nobody calls southern Wisconsin) and turning my driveway into something of a deathtrap for unsuspecting visitors.

It’s winter. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Nonetheless, the words must continue. BLAST’EM drops new chapters today, as it will every Monday until it runs out of chapters, by which time I hope I’ll have written more. Nothing like a creeping deadline to keep the butt in the chair and the fingers tapping away. Deadlines also have the habit of turning work to utter crap unless they’re fine-tuned to the needs of the author and the assignment, so I guess we’ll see!

Beyond that, the Oscars came out with their 2020 nods today, and yet again I’ve apparently got a lot of work ahead of me to watch all these movies before I don’t bother with the ceremony. Not that they’re a bore, exactly, it’s just, well, there are other things I’d rather do. And other things I’d rather watch. It’s going to be delightfully bad, I think.

Thus, in the dedicated interest of keeping these posts short and snappy, so my words can go where they’re most needed, I shall close. One of the cats is calling, as is a cozy fire, and such things cannot be denied.

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