The Portable Vibe

Every so often I take a look at the phone that seems to be universally in my pocket – as though it’s some sort of symbiote lifeform that can only exist when attached to me – and wonder how it came to be there. It’s hard to remember at what point the phone ceased to be a tool, a thing that I thought to look for whenever I had a call to make or a haphazard, press three times to get c, text message to send.

But, like the caterpillar to the butterfly, the phone has metamorphosed from a hear-and-there curiosity to an indispensable part of our ecosystem, pollinating our days with endless information dust. 

This, it may not surprise you, fiction ramifications. Reading on one’s phone is getting increasingly popular, and before you stop me and say no, sir, I will not be reading Anna Karenina on my Google Whatsitbot 9000, I must add that this is not our forefather’s reading. At least in my opinion, and apparently in several others as well, mobile fiction’s proliferation is a different art form.

You can slap a novel onto a phone. I’ve tried it. I’m still doing it: you can snag one of my novels on ibooks and read the whole darn thing on the subway, in the air, or waiting for that date to get to the restaurant (they’re not coming, might as well drink all the wine yourself). 

But! Much like a bike is not the optimal way to traverse an interstate, a phone may not be the optimal way to read a literary hulk. Instead, consider the few minutes here and few minutes there you’re prompted to take out that buzzy little device and read it. Are you like me and do you spend that time ruthlessly scanning familiar corners of the interwebs looking for dopamine hits?

What if, instead, you took that time and dove into a quick little tail with familiar folks? What if you let yourself get sucked away from your office’s dry tedium and into 500 words of random entertainment? 

I’m not hinting at anything here. I’m also not not hinting at it. 

Anyway, new chapters drop today around the webs. STARSHOT Wednesdays, I believe it’s called, wherever stories by the chapter are sold. Or rather, given away. You know where to find it. Seek, read, rejoice.

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