There it is, hanging right at the top of this post. My next novel, the sequel to Paragon’s Fall, and with an unintentional rhyme in the title: Champion’s Call.

With the current Marvel wave crashing around the (closed) cinemas, it’s not exactly original to be thinking about superhero stories. There’s plenty out there, too, from comic books to movies to TV series to, yes, novels. But if you let the fact that someone else already told a story in a genre keep you away, well, you wouldn’t write very much.

So why this particular superhero story, and why now?

Because I’ve wanted to play in a world where superheroes are present, but aren’t always the focus. In comics, pedestrians tend to be by-products meant for rescuing, or possible love-interests that can be dished into harrowing situations for the hero to, well, rescue. In Paragon’s Fall and its sequel, I get to see what things might be like from the ground. From the lives alternately ruined and lifted up by the dynamic-wrecking force that is an invulnerable being.

This series is also about transitions, the ones we want and the ones we don’t, when life’s turns inevitably come around and we find ourselves having to pick a direction, meet its consequences head-on, and push forward. When those transitions come to someone capable of wrecking whole cities on a bad day, though, the stakes get a little more interesting.

So, Champion’s Call. It’s getting spun up, and it’ll have a pre-order coming up shortly. If you want to catch wind of its exact availability, there’s a nifty newsletter link there you can click to hear about it, collect some freebies, and all that jazz.

More to come soon, when I can get the cats away from the keyboard to let me write a little more…

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