As, I imagine, most new parents would attest, time becomes a flexible construct when you have a little one on your hands. Ashe, my son and a little hell-raiser, came into being just before pandemic struck. Having a kid immediately puts a spin on any plans, knocks any routines into the haha-nice-try territory, and forces you to look at what’s really important because, if you make all kinds of effort, you might get a tiny fraction of it done before dirty diapers and snuggles demand your attention.

Nonetheless, in the sluggish dream-haze that early fatherhood creates, I spent time taking some courses, playing with the software that spins out the images pasted on the paper printed at the publishers. The stuff that book covers are made of, in other words. It took a bunch of time, but now they’re overhauled, and they’re going up everywhere. Take a look.

I’m also giving out WILD NINES for free. You can pick it up at a retailer, or grab it from the Black Key Books website for an email address. Why an email? Because in this fractured time, a good newsletter with new releases is about the most valuable thing an author has. But if that’s not your bag, you can hop over to Apple or B&N and snag your copy for a big fat zero.

Amazon should be coming along eventually – they don’t like freebies, so it takes a little while for them to come around.

As for me, I’m still busy spinning up the new stuff. Paragon’s Fall 2 is nearing completion, and there’s a couple other new pieces in the works.

Finally, the reason WILD NINES is up there, is that I’m spinning up a new set of stories in that universe. Davin’s tales will go on, with Mox, Phyla, Viola and the rest dragged into his inevitable screw-ups.

So, with a baby in one arm and a plot in the other, we continue on. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am.

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