Reality Needs Another Edit

Writing fiction that takes place far away from the current reality is, often, an immense pleasure. Spending hours dancing among the stars or beneath the Earth as wizards and aliens and digital cyber-spies wage war on one another makes for a delightful escape. The consequences are very real for those worlds on the page, but close the book and you can take a breath.

Not so much for ours.

I can’t, and won’t try, when others have explained how to make something meaningful from our current crisis, to throw my take into the mix. You can’t have a force meant to protect all the people hurt some of those people for no reason. Make the reforms. Add accountability.

And for the rest of us? Vote. Every single time we can.

Black Lives Matter.

What’s Releasing Soon: As mentioned last week Champion’s Call is going up for pre-order. The links will be up and out tomorrow, so you’ll see a Black Key Books news bulletin on that one. Superhero goodness, coming straight to your library. It’ll be cheaper during the pre-order period (2 weeks), so if you want it at a discount, here’s your chance.

What I’m Writing Now: I’m about halfway through this sci-fi piece, and it’s a strange one. And I mean that in the best possible way. I have lots of fun with my space marines and sassy captains, but this one takes a more digital look at things, and what happens when you trap a bunch of people in a metal box for a very, very long time. Hint: It doesn’t go well.

What’s in the pipeline: The action-packed sci-fi is coming up next, and, editing these, I’m laughing at myself here. I’d planned these as palette cleansers between more serious stuff, a romp with some gruff, armored soldiers as a way to let out the air after Champion’s Call and before this next one. Yet here they go, dragging in wild subplots, strange creatures, and questions the characters and I are still trying to answer.

What I mean is, a good story can take you to a place you never thought you’d go.

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