To twist a quote, no plan survives first contact with a baby.

I had grand ambitions when my son, Ashe, crashed into the world as a bawling, beautiful baby boy. I’d heard that infants slept many, many hours. That they enjoyed being cuddled, and would happily hang out in my arms for the rest of those hours.

So I planned for those moments. Coffee would counter the sleep deprivation and the leftover delirium would fuel new tales. While baby slept, I’d do the heavy writing, and with Ashe awake, we’d edit together, read the stories aloud and, one-handed, make adjustments.

And you know what, all that didn’t fail spectacularly. Well, the editing did – it’s nigh impossible to do much work with text while a kiddo’s squirming away in your arms. However, once he passes out, snoozing away on my shoulder, handling administrative, mouse-n-click updates gets doable.

So while the writing and editing is malleable, it is happening. Stories are being written, and I’m excited at what’s coming out soon. Partly because I think these novels are awesome, and partly because I’ve spent enough time with these tales that I just want to push them out the door.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m working on. You’ll see updates like this every Monday until I inevitably forget/lose track/fall into a hole and am rendered incapacitated for months:

What’s releasing soon:

Champion’s Call – the sequel to Paragon’s Fall should have its pre-order and launch shortly, so you’ll get a second helping of meaty superhero action. Some different points of view this time, and a couple of neat characters that really made this fun to write. This series is far from over, and I’m going to be jumping back to it soon!

What I’m writing now:

A brand-new project, the first book in a trilogy that explores a little different sci-fi side than I’ve tackled before. It’s been percolating for a while and as the book gets going, I’ll share more about what it’s going to be.

What’s in the pipeline:

I’ve stealth-written a couple of shorter novels playing with some more literal space marines. It’s not quite a military focus, but with a harder bent than WILD NINES. As per usual, I started these planning on one thing, but then the characters took it in a radical direction. These were supposed to be pressure-release stories between superhero volumes, but, uh, now they’ve grown into another series. They’re in editing right now, but you’ll see them in the wild before too long.

And that’s it for this Monday’s update! If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve nabbed your WILD NINES copy for free – it’s a fun, ragtag adventure to get you off Earth for a breather.

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