On With The Adventure – Drop Zone Drops

It’s another Friday, and Ashe slept well last night, which is about as good a start to the day as it gets around these parts. Drop Zone, the first novel in a new, fun little series I’m playing with, hits next week on Tuesday (the 28th for those more calendar-oriented). It’s a sci-fi action piece, […]

The City of Brass – An Enchanting Journey Through Lands Little Explored

I have to say, up front, that I saw ‘The City of Brass‘ on book shelves quite a few times before I took the plunge and picked it up on a wayward trip through Traverse City, MI (shout-out to Horizon Books!). Its cover always gripped me, with its mysterious golden fire and Arabic stylings, but […]

Uncut Gems – Never Stop Never Stopping

There’s been something of a trend in recent years for movies that have long, really long shots. Some, like Birdman, make the effort to have a faux single take. This effect tends to draw you in, hypnotizing you into the story with the constant movement, no jarring reminders that you’re watching something play out. And […]

Batman – Gotham City Under Siege – Impressions

You might be looking at the title for this post and wondering what’s going on, and the reality is… I’m trying to redefine what’s going on the blog. Monday’s are my upcoming writing breakdown, Wednesdays are going to be me chatting about some media I’m playing with, and Friday, well, that’s a grab-bag. Also, if […]