Second Round: Lead Paint and the Lego Movie 2

After a new pregnancy’s immediate shock, the next nine months turn from a celebratory journey into a caustic minefield littered with warning signs proclaiming just how many ways your choices to this point will destroy the coming little one. Bought a house? It’s probably got a million and one ways of turning kiddo into kibble. […]

Paragon’s Fall: The Recruit – 3

You’re not sure what’s going to happen when the leaders ditch the lot of you underground. The eleven others in your group stare at the elevator along with you as it whisks away the only guidance you have, leaving your squad to determine who gets which of the scattered bedrooms, who gets a hot shower, […]

Paragon’s Fall: The Recruit – 2

The plane takes a while to land due to some exiting storms, which means you disembark in silver shadows from the runway’s glow lights. No off-ramps here, only stairs down to crunchy gravel. Atlantis, apparently, doesn’t give its future Paragons the flashy treatment. Your skepticism must have made it to your face, because one of […]

Paragon’s Fall: The Recruit – 1

The anomaly on your left whispered that you’d crossed into Canada. Not that Canada existed anymore, but changing a name doesn’t change the feel. Atlantis this side of Niagara Falls seemed calmer, more serene with all the trees — there’d been a big push, you recall, to reforest a lot of this territory as food […]

Insertion Part Nine: Sideline

Three shots. Count’em. And Aurora said Eponi didn’t do enough when Sever started fights. Not that those three shots — blistering bolts fired from the small spitter DefenseCorp regulations made Eponi carry — seemed to bother the swamp creature. Sever’s pilot watched from the front nose of the drop shuttle, steadily losing its war against […]