Beyond The Sky: The Skyward Saga Books 1-3 Box Set

The alien said it would save Kaishi. It was wrong.

With her tribe on the edge of extinction, Kaishi finds a crashed starship and a creature inside that promises endless riches and power. With the alien's knowledge, Kaishi soon finds herself treated like a goddess, a leader among her people and their rivals. But soon the alien expects a return, and Kaishi realizes the world she's creating, leading, will not long belong to her.

Just as Kaishi comes to understand the doom she's bringing to her people, hunters arrive searching for the very creature that is Kaishi's hope and peril. They, too, promise Kaishi a solution to her problems: death.

Thrust into a wild and dangerous galaxy, Kaishi must find a way to survive, and to protect her family and friends from a universe that doesn't care whether they live or die. From space stations to far off worlds, Kaishi fights to find the truth behind her place in the galaxy, and whether humans have a place within it.

Beyond the Sky holds the first three novels and a short story in The Skyward Saga, a galaxy-spanning sci-fi epic that brings amazing creatures, deadly technology, and characters you'll never want to leave into a story that'll keep you turning the pages.

If you're looking to get started on a new adventure, Kaishi's journey is one you won't want to miss. Take the first step into this saga with the Beyond the Sky box set today!

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