Champion’s Call

Champion's Call - The Hero's Code Book Two
Part of the The Hero's Code series:

It’s not easy for a legend to disappear. Mynx has been trying to fade away for years, but now Aegis is missing, and Mynx must lead the Paragons, or watch the world she built collapse into fiery disaster.


The Paragons, with their super-powered abilities, control the world under the Champion’s leadership, the original group that Mynx joined to, at first, save the world and then to rule it. Not everyone, though, is happy with the new world order, and the Champions, after decades in the fight, are showing weakness.


Mynx has to gather the Champions one last time, get them to agree on the Paragon’s future. Show the world that its keepers are still strong. 


But Mynx isn’t the only one who sees such a gathering as an opportunity, a chance to strike down the world’s most powerful heroes in a single shot, and trigger a global revolution.


Champion’s Call continues The Hero’s Code, an action-packed superhero adventure in a near-future world where the haves and have-nots are determined not by back accounts, but by your genes. 

Jump into the journey that started with Paragon’s Fall. Pick up Champion’s Call today, and decide which side you’re on.

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