Clarity’s Dawn

To survive on an alien world, Kaishi must decide whether to trust the creature inside her mind, or reject it and risk everything to fight for her freedom.

Ignos lied. The alien promised to take Kaishi and her friends back to Earth, to home. Instead, Ignos has brought them to its own world, teeming with other parasites that see the humans as hosts, and a potential gateway to their own survival. The Sevora make an offer to Kaishi: join with them, take their technology, and forge a new destiny for both species together. 

With the Sevora, of course, controlling their human hosts.

Across the stars, Sax escapes the crumbling space station and finds himself at odds with his own race and galactic law. Picked up by salvagers who see him as a valuable piece of living scrap, Sax must learn how to live outside the structure that gave him his power, even while he tries to find a way to bring it down.

Clarity’s Dawn is the third book in The Skyward Saga, a sci-fi adventure series spanning alien worlds, unique technologies, and colorful characters scrambling to survive as odds mount against them. 

If you like fast-paced, action-driven science fiction with a new twist on the alien encounter story, you’ll love A.R. Knight’s Clarity’s Dawn and the entire Skyward Saga.

Grab Clarity’s Dawn and continue your interstellar adventure today!

Publisher: Black Key Books

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