Galaxy War: The Skyward Saga Books 4-6 Box Set

Home. Kaishi never thought she'd see it again, and now it's surrounded by the aliens that want to enslave her people.

Kaishi thought she'd found salvation at the hands of an alien that'd crashed down from the sky. Instead, she's been torn through danger and disaster while bringing the galaxy's war to Earth. Now Kaishi has to take what she's learned and try to keep humanity alive while desperate armies descend into a last-ditch battle for survival.

Winning this war will mean more than kicking the creatures off Earth, though. Kaishi must gather what friends she has and get support from the galaxy's other powers to destroy the invaders, but such support comes with a dire cost.

Kaishi must decide, for Earth, her friends and family, whether a life lived under subjugation from the galaxy's powers is a life worth living at all. And, if it's not, how she can fight her way to freedom.

Galaxy War contains The Skyward Saga's last three novels and a prequel short story, an action-packed bundle that brings Kaishi's story to a thrilling conclusion. If you're looking to finish this science fiction epic, grab Galaxy War today and settle in to a tale you won't be able to put down.

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